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You have reached the home of the oldest and the largest university in Karnataka State, and one of the oldest in India.

Welcome To Mysore University Library Science Alumni Association

This is the first page, our efforts are to add as much as possible. We will be adding many features, please visit again.



Being one of the Alumni, of Library School his Library and gives you the credit of touring the great historic space Mysore and remaining online Mysorean forever. While you may be away from home, it is this web page that will keep you all connected and informed.

Remember the Italian quote posted at Staten Island, USA., "I was told that the streets in America are paved with gold, when I came I saw they were not paved with gold, and I was told that I have to pave these with gold."

It is You who will keep us posted with and we will follow up in milli-seconds, and upload your facts and figures. Remember again, "figures donot lie".

About Mysore University:
The University of Mysore, the first university to be founded in erstwhile States, was inaugurated in 1916. The Maharaja's College, Mysore and the Central College Bangalore, which were previously affiliated in Madras University, formed the nucleus of the new University. The Act was amended in 1933 and 1939 to make the Senate representative of public life and to establish the Academic Council responsible for the academic affairs of the University. An Act was passed in 1956 which made the University an autonomous body. The territorial jurisdiction of the University extends to the districts of Mysore, Mandya, Hassan.